Port Allen makes history with recall petition

Group looking to recall Mayor Deedy Slaughter arrives at registrar of voters to turn in signatures.
Group looking to recall Mayor Deedy Slaughter arrives at registrar of voters to turn in signatures.
Workers with the registrar of voters count pages of signatures.
Workers with the registrar of voters count pages of signatures.

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Port Allen made history on Tuesday by getting the signatures needed for the recall petition against Mayor Deedy Slaughter. All those signatures were delivered to the West Baton Rouge Registrar of Voters.

"It's a first time in history of Port Allen that we have had a recall effort," said WBR Registrar Stacy Ryan.

"I made history just a few minutes ago. First time ever," said the recall petition's chair Deloris Kibby.

256 pages, with more 1,400 signatures are part of the effort to recall Mayor Slaughter.

Kibby, co-chair Millie Jackson and supporters walked into the Registrar of Voters at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

"On our mayor of Port Allen, Demetrius "Deedy" Slaughter and all the rest of the Slaughters that go with it," said Kibby.

Slaughter's rocky tenure began weeks after she took office. In January, the mayor went to the presidential inauguration and billed the city of Port Allen. The city is two months behind on an operating budget. Half a dozen employees have quit under Slaughter's regime, and other city leaders are fighting the mayor in court.

Each controversy kept piling up and ultimately tipped the scale for many long-time Port Allen residents like Kibby to take a stand.

"I wanted Port Allen to be back to Port Allen. I don't want two or three people to own Port Allen," said Kibby. "I love her. I just wish she could go back to another job and just leave our city by itself. Just let her be a resident here."

Her name was just one of the more than 1,400 signatures that Registrar Stacy Ryan took in.

"At this time, we will begin the certification process on the pages submitted to me," said Ryan.

The stack was placed in a secure box and will be guarded by a deputy at all times. Plus, the petition will be locked in a secure location off sight.

Meanwhile, Mayor Slaughter was at City Hall as the petition was turned in.

"I'm disappointed it has reached this point," said Slaughter. "I feel like there have been no actions I have done that have been out of place from day one. I came in following that Lawrason Act. At this point, I just want to continue to move the city forward and that's my plans."

Kibby specifically wore black and white to make a point, "Black and white go together. I don't know why people can't see that," said Kibby.

Mayor Slaughter however feels this is a race issue.

Over the next 15 days, Ryan will go through qualifying and verifying the signatures. They need at least 1,273 signatures. Then, it goes to Gov. Bobby Jindal, who also has 15 days to declare a recall election.

"We have no acceptance for malfeasance or corruption if that did happen. Certainly, anyone guilty of that should be held accountable. When it comes to the election, we will follow the law. If the Registrar sends us the signatures, we will work with the AG's office. If there are 1,273 signatures as required by law, then we will issue the proclamation," said Gov. Jindal.

Mayor Slaughter said she does plan to fight this petition and is already taking steps but would not go into detail.

The deadline to make the Nov. 16th election is Oct. 1st.

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