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Crowd protests military action in Syria at legislative plaza


Dozens of protestors gathered at legislative plaza in Nashville on Saturday, rallying against a possible U.S. military strike against Syria.

"I feel like there will be innocent casualties," said protestor Barry Donegan. "I don't understand how missiles are going to help chemical weapons victims recover."

Among the crowd was Adam House, who served in Afghanistan and is now asking for a stop to military intervention.

"I know for a fact, myself, that war is hell," said House. "It's a pandora's box that you don't open unless you have to. In my mind, you use it for self-defense."

At one point, the protestors listened to a live speech as President Obama said Syria's use of chemical weapons in the killing of hundreds must be confronted with military action.

"It endangers our friends along Syria's borders including Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq," said the president in his speech. "It could lead to escalating use of chemical weapons."

Marching onto Broadway, protestors were met with a public split between those who support a military strike and those who fear further violence.

"The consequences we're worried about is this spreading into a regional conflict," said Donegan. "Russia and China and Iran might retaliate depending on what happens. That might result in a strike on Israel."

In an NBC news poll this week, 50 percent of Americans claimed the U.S. should not intervene in Syria altogether. According to the same poll, 50 percent of Americans do support the limited military action of launching cruise missiles from Naval ships.

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