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Aderholt, Sessions respond to Obama speech on Syria

Rep. Robert Aderholt Rep. Robert Aderholt
Sen. Jeff Sessions Sen. Jeff Sessions

Following Saturday afternoon's speech by President Obama in which he called on Congress to authorize military action on Syria, Representative Robert Aderholt, who represents the Fourth District of Alabama, responded with the following statement:

"The speech leaves many questions such as who exactly are the 'good guys' in this conflict? And how is American involvement not the fuel for the fire the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist are trying to ignite throughout the region?

Cruise missiles are not a strategy. The President by now should see that foreign policy is far more complex than that." 

Senator Jeff Sessions, a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, also issued a statement:

"I look forward to the initiation of a very serious – and overdue – discussion in Congress about Syria and our broader strategy in the chaotic Middle East.  It is critical that the Administration articulate a clear national policy as we contemplate further involvement in this dangerous and complex region.  Certainly the American people are correct to be concerned about our position in the Middle East, particularly our seeming lack of any clear strategy or purpose."

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