Bridge closure causes problems for churchgoers

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - The closure of Milldale bridge in Zachary by DOTD is causing some frustration for Milldale Baptist Church. The bridge crosses Beaver Creek.

"This bridge has been closed for over a month and no one has laid a hand on it to repair it," said Pastor Danny Greig.

Today, Greig is getting ready to celebrate the church's 50th anniversary and welcome about 500 people from across the south for its annual bible conference. Many who have been to the church before and know the way.

"They turn on Milldale Road pulling RVs some 20, 30, 40 feet long and when they are committed to the turn, they have nowhere to turn around," said Greig.

David Talley was one of the many people who turned on the road.  He drove from Arkansas Thursday.

"We saw that the bridge was out so we had to turn around down a side street. It is never really good, because my RV is 45 feet, "said Talley.

Greig says he took his concerns to road and city officials.

"I understand that it will not be open until sometime in April. That is inexcusable," said Greig.

A representative from the Department of Public Works says the bridge was inspected by DOTD and was declared unsafe. They did confirm the repairs should be finished by next spring.

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