Syria native reacts to possible attack on homeland

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Hundreds of Syrians died last week due to what is believed to be a chemical weapons attack. The president of Syria denies chemical weapons were used. Now, there is fingerpointing at the Syrian government and possible that a U.S. military attack on the country may be near.

Local professor Alaa Shams agrees with President Obama considering an attack on Syria. Shams fled the country 13 years ago, but his sister is still there.

"I know it's bad to say that but what else can people do in Syria. They are dying anyway. They are dying from chemical weapons. They are dying starving. So this is the only thing left to keep them alive," said Shams.

Senator David Vitter recognizes something needs to be done, but told 9News Tuesday, there's no need for an attack.

"I am not for putting boots on the ground. I'm not for putting Americans on land there.  Hopefully there is something short of that, coordinated with other nations, to have an impact," said Senator Vitter.

An attack on his home country may be harsh, but for Shams it is tough love.

"Well I don't want anyone to bomb my country, but if this is what it takes to get Syrian regime out of the picture..I'm supporting the United States President Barack Obama," said Shams.

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