Ordinance passes restricting activities at Livingston Parish boat launch

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Homes and camps sit alongside the Amite River directly across from the public boat launch at the end of Carew Harris Road.

"I've been on Hoo Shoo Too, Horse Shoe Bend for 20 years," said Ronny Rodriguez, who owns one of the homes.

The launch area is littered with beer bottles and trash and they are remnants of what neighbors say is just the beginning.

"You go over to that boat launch right now go tomorrow morning and see what you see. You're going to see needles where they do their drugs, you're going to see all types of casings from when they shoot," said Ron Akers, who lives across from the boat launch.

On Thursday night, members of the Livingston Parish council listened to comments in favor of an ordinance proposed by Councilwoman Joan Landry which would impose a $300 fine for anyone caught using the area for anything but launching a boat.

"We've got to try something and this is something we can try and see if it works and a year from now if it's not working we can always come back and amend it," said Landry.

By unanimous vote the council adopted the ordinance providing peace of mind for nearby residents like Brandi Duvic.

"Now finally maybe we can enjoy the boat launch as a boat launch and not a party station as a lot of people do so I can bring my children back there and we can fish and not have to drive five or ten miles out of the way to launch our boat," said Duvic.

The changes go into effect immediately after the council's vote. In fact, Landry told the council she intended to put the order in for the new signs on Friday if the ordinance was approved.

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