Extracurricular activities benefit kids beyond school

For most kids, when the last school bell rings the day is far from over thanks to extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities help students round out their education outside of the classroom with lessons like teamwork, leadership and time management.

"You have to work with these people so you may not have the exact same background as this person but you have to pull together," said Catholic High School Activities Director Janet Vidrine, who says her school encourages every student to get involved in some way.

That's why schools like CHS offer so many options for their students.  Whether it's getting physical activity with sports, exploring a possible job or even discovering new talent, learning new things help kids develop important social and critical thinking skills.  Those skills are needed as students move beyond graduation and into college and careers.

"I'm more responsible for my actions. I'm more organized. I feel like I'm more friendly towards people. I'm really open to new ideas," said senior Madison Dillard.

Of course there can always be too much of a good thing and with so many activities, kids can easily get overloaded. Experts say it's important that parents help kids balance their schedule, and make time for proper rest and downtime.

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