Items needed according to the Jade's Flowers Facebook page

Jades business

1.Duct tape. Duck Brand only. Walmart carries almost All of her tape.

2. Office Depot brand guaranteed no skip pens. Black and blue ink

3. Rhinestones from Walmart

4. Nonstick scissors

5. Large bulk size Peter Pan peanut butter from Walmart

6. Whole wheat flour

7. Baking powder

8. Dry milk

9. Wilton cookie cutters set of 3 bone, paw, dog from Walmart

10. Small about 1 1/2 inch - 2" Heart shaped cookie cutter

11. Oven baked clay. It goes 1/2 off about every other week at hobby lobby

12. Key chain rings and also the small version of them for dog collars.

13 Heart shaped cookie cutters. Approx 1"and 2 "

14. Thick aluminum foil to wrap oven racks

15. Clear vases from hobbie lobby, kind of looks like a small fish bowl.

16. The Jade's Flowers shirts are gone. All personal and ones to sell. They were printed from Screen Tech in Denham Springs

17. About 34 totes with her logo. Also printed from Screen Tech.

18. All her supplies to fill her fur ever home bound bags. Best to look at pics on Facebook page under her Fur-Ever Home Bound Bag page for supplies, But she can go buy supplies as needed as people adopt if people put $ in her Jades Flowers account which is through PayPal under

19. Money or gift cards is best for the supplies due to lack of storage right now.

20. Plastic foldable table. One was inside we lost. Other I think outside. I'll check.

21. Her table cloths were lost. She just had 2 full sized orange flat sheets from Walmart with her logo on them printed by Screen Tech

22. Paper lunch bags until we can replace her professional packaging she recently had donated

23. Large mixing bowls

24. Measuring cups.

Personal items for the family:

Pillows, blankets, toys, Ezra loved his sit n spin. Jade needs book sack.

Sage and Jade wears size 3's and 5 juniors. Small junior or ladies tops

Ezra size 3 bottom. 3 or 4 top

Ladies 12-14

Husband 32 waist and Large shirt

Shoes. Sage 11

Jade and myself 8.5

Ezra size 13

Men's shoe size 9-9.5

Rubber boots ladies 9, men's 9


Totes to carry stuff back and forth

Ezra lost his favorite blanket he can't sleep without its the comforter that was on baby bed set