East Feliciana Parish police jury approves master plan

EAST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Members of the East Feliciana Police Jury listened to a summary of a 120 page comprehensive master plan Tuesday evening that is five years in the making.

"It addresses many quality of life issues in this parish to preserve, protect, promote and enhance what we already have," said Mary Jo Salmon of the Parish Economic Development Board.

The plan, according to Salmon, was created with help from a consultant and more than 20 public meetings. Promoting economic development in and around the communities of Clinton, Jackson and Slaughter are addressed in the plan, as well as maintaining quality of life. Those are priorities several jury members believe are already in place.

"The great part of this master plan is we don't have to pass any ordinances, change anything we're doing - we're doing just about everything this master plan has in it," said police juror E.L. Beauchamp III.

A few members of the public in attendance were not as convinced.

"Our property rights are at stake with this master plan," said one resident.

"If you can't take tax dollars and do a better job of taking care of a gravel road what makes me think you'll do a better job manning the whole parish with this master plan?" asked Gasper Pizzolato.

After all public concerns were heard the vote was taken and the plan passed.

"It should be reviewed every five to ten years and changes made as needed as we find a new direction," added Salmon.

The police jury's approval means the comprehensive resiliency plan will be put into effect and according to Salmon at least 11 other groups and boards in the parish have already begun to make changes in conjunction with the guide.

Click here to view the plan.

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