Donations needed for Jade's Flowers and family after fire destroys home

Jade Mitchell
Jade Mitchell

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - The family of a 9-year-old girl who dedicates her time and effort to helping animals now needs help from the community after a fire destroyed her home early Tuesday morning.

Jade Mitchell, known as Jade's Flowers, and her family lost all of their belongings when their Denham Springs home caught fire around 4:30 a.m.

"Still in shock- like I'm dreaming," said Julie Robertson, Jade's mother. "I can't believe it- it hasn't hit me yet."

Jade makes items, sells them and donates the money to the Denham Springs Animal Shelter. She makes flower pens, shoe clips, rings, bracelets, head bands and even homemade dog biscuits. She has been the topic of a couple of "Hand It On" reports.

She has donated more than $7,000 in items to the animal shelters; everything from air conditioners and refrigerator to dog food fans. She also just spends time with the animals.

"Several times when we've been struggling with our budget a little bit- we've been able to call her and she's fed our dogs for a month- twice," said Carol Young, Director of the Denham Springs Animal Shelter.

"Jade was worried about her poodle skirt for her chance at the animal festival this week," Robertson said. "I don't think it's hit her yet that we've lost all of the duct tape and dog treats. She'll have to miss the festival, but we'll pick up at the next one."

Donations for the family can be dropped off at the Livingston Parish Animal Shelter at 13525 Florida Boulevard in Livingston, LA.

Sizes needed are 3 and 5 in Juniors, 12-14 ladies, men's 32-short, men's large shirts, 3 toddler boys, diaper size 6. Shoe sizes are 8.5 ladies for mother and Jade (9 yr old.) and size 11 for Sage (11 yr old).

The family lost everything, including all the new school clothes and supplies for the girls and all of Jade's Flowers inventory and supplies she had to make her pens.

According to Jade's Flowers Facebook page, the administrator wrote that "a firefighter put 2 and 2 together when he saw Jade's logo on some things, and some burnt pens in the house, he asked to purchase her pens he found."

An account has been set up for donations at Capital One Bank - Julie Robertson Donation.You can send to through pay pal. It is linked to Jades Flowers account.

The Denham Springs Animal Shelter is NOT collecting monetary donations or receiving clothing or household items. They are, however, collecting items Jade needs to get her animal business back up and running.

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