Family devastated after prosthetic arm is stolen

ST. MARTIN PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Melissa Burk Allen is desperately asking the public to help her husband out after someone broke into their home and stole a bag containing his prosthetic arm.

According to Lafayette Sheriff's officials, the burglary occurred sometime Sunday afternoon. The arm wasn't discovered missing until Monday. The arm was taken from the couple's home in the 100 block of Exploration Road in Broussard.

"Monday morning my husband gets up to get ready for a job interview and he goes to put his prosthetic on and it's gone...we couldn't find it," says Melissa Allen.

She says her husband lost his arm after an injury following a bout with gangrene two years ago.

Allen added the amputation sent her husband into a depression that he eventually got out of after the prosthetic arm. "He went without it for two years after the amputation so he kind of stayed to himself he didn't talk to anybody he kind of hid," she said, "And this is a man who worked in the oil field his whole life...was pretty outgoing normally. We finally got the device and he was back to normal."

But the arm was stolen along with the bag it was in. Thieves took the bag which also had a bottle pain pills. She says she gets stealing the pills but not the custom made arm which only works on her husband.

She is hoping who ever took it will return it and soon. Lafayette Sheriff's officials are investigating.

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