Thieves target distracted women in grocery stores

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - Grocery stores are places where we can grab a gallon of milk, but officials say thieves can catch more than a good sale.

"You have to be careful because someone can grab your purse," said Eloise Watts, who loves to shop at her local grocery store in Walker, La.

Police say a lot of people leave personal items in shopping carts like cell phones, and wallets while they are going to get a grocery item. But in the mean time thieves can easily grab your stuff and get away with it.

We saw several women in a local store kept their purses in a shopping basket while they turn their back to get something off a shelf, but officials say that still carries a risk.

There is still a chance that someone grabs it and pulls you down, but you have given yourself a much better chance," said Captain John Sharp of Walker Police Department.

Sharp says the best thing to do is to keep your belongings in your car.

"Zipping your purse is good, buckling it in is good, and leaving it behind is better," said Sharp.

He says put your credit card and cell phone in your pocket to avoid becoming a victim.

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