Couple stalked while driving home in Baton Rouge neighborhood

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge couple was scared Saturday evening when they claim they were followed to their Southdown subdivision home. The couple who will remain nameless did not stop at their home and instead drove passed it and went to a local B-Quick store where they saw a number of police cars.

The follower trailed them into the store and as soon as the victim's husband went to a police car the stalker fled the scene. Over the weekend the victim posted this account on her ordeal on her Facebook page:

Friends and Friends of Friends….

Saturday night **** and I were followed home through Southdowns to our neighborhood, Rouzan. Once we realized someone was tailing us, we passed our house and weaved through several streets to be sure. The car following very closely made every turn we did. We drove to the BQuik on Perkins where we saw 5 cop cars. The car pulled up right behind us at a pump and didn't move until **** got out of the car and approached a police officer. Then and only then did the car get the hint and turned around and out of the parking lot quickly. We are quite fortunate to be aware of this car because we think he/she was waiting on a side street with his/her lights off waiting for a target. Please like or share so your friends can be [made] aware of this type of trap. The officer suggested the car would have blocked us in our garage/driveway with no where (sic) to go.

Baton Rouge City Police say it was smart thinking of the couple to not return to their home and instead seek help. The police take this type of stalking very serious. "Very suspicious and with that we got the information the officer had," Says Cpl L'Jean Mckneely. "But if anything like that is happening please do not go to your home."

Metro Council member John Delgado's office was also notified by the victims. They asked him to look into the situation for them.

"It's a very concerning incident because people think they are safe when they are driving," says Delgado. "You know no one's there. There is no necessary visible threat. But you never know and I think what they did was very smart they are very aware of their surroundings."

Police have beefed up patrols in the Southdown's area for the time being.

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