Officials meet to get on same page after confusion during chemical leak

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge Parish officials met Tuesday morning to make sure they are on the same page following Monday's confusion over a shelter in place recommendation issued for downtown Baton Rouge.

Mayor Kip Holden was highly critical of how Louisiana State Police handled the situation.

"Sad part is we're supposed to be giving you information and we end up having you give us information because you're getting more from people at the scene," Holden said.

A lightning strike around 2:30 p.m. led to a leak at the Intercontinental Terminals in Port Allen. Joanne Moreau with the Mayor's Office of Homeland Security said when she and other officials did get the notification about the recommended shelter in place, it was very confusing.

However, state police, the lead agency on the investigation, said it was doing its job right.

"Our number one priority is the safety of the public that we serve," said Capt. Doug Cain with LSP. "And number two, that the public's informed. It's important we let them know what's going on and I believe that's what happened. State police hazmat quickly responded to a leaking tanker, did an assessment, came up with an action plan, informed public through the media and ultimately was able to mitigate the circumstances and that's our goal, that the public's safe, that the incident comes to an end and the public is informed."

Crews were able to get the leak sealed around 6 p.m.

No injuries were reported.

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