School investigates claims teacher used racial slurs, takes "appropriate" action

Lowery Middle School
Lowery Middle School

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (WAFB) - School officials said they have investigated complaints against a teacher accused of making inappropriate comments to her class on the first day of school and have taken the appropriate action, but didn't indicate what that action was.

The following statement was issued by Ascension Parish Public Schools:

"School administration and the school board office conducted an investigation into complaints filed against a teacher at Lowery Middle School. Based on the findings of their investigation the appropriate action was taken. Because this is a personnel issue we cannot elaborate any further. The Ascension Parish School Board holds our teachers to the very highest professional standards and it is our expectation that every student will be treated with the upmost (sic) respect."

Lois Polite, a social studies teacher at Lowery Middle School in Donaldsonville, is accused of using racial slurs and her status with the school system to threaten students. At least one parent, Shemika Landry, filed a formal complaint.

"My son came home very upset," Landry said in an August 9 interview.

Landry said her son told her his sixth grade social studies teacher, Polite, talked down to the class and repeatedly used racial slurs to address her students.

"She frequently called the kids the 'N-word' in the classroom, belittling them, calling them stupid," Landry added.

Landry said she believes Polite also threatened the students to keep them from talking.

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