Former Navy SEAL spreading patriotism through song

Christopher Heben
Christopher Heben

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A former Navy SEAL hopes to use his voice to spread patriotism across the country.

Christopher Heben spent over ten years in the Navy. He says he understands how difficult it is to be deployed and how hard it is for military families to be apart during that time. This fall, he will release an album called "The Patriot Project" - an album full of music Heben hopes will remind everyone just how much our military men and women are sacrificing each day to protect our freedom.

"We've been at war for over a decade now. We have a lot of returning veterans in our communities and a lot of service men and women that are still serving," said Heben. "The whole concept behind the "Patriot Project" and the title track "Patriot" is just to foster patriotism in the nation, help the nation heal."

Heben says the 8 to 10 track album will be available on iTunes by mid-September or early-October.

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