Massive tree splits in half and crushes Denham Springs home

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A Denham Springs, LA woman is shocked by what happened to her house, right in the middle of a beautiful sunny day. The massive tree in her yard split wide open and part of it crushed the side of her home. Now the woman needs help.

It used to be considered an old friend; a friend that lived outside of the house, sort of a protector. Part of it is still wrapped in Christmas lights; left over decorations from the good times. Those times came to an explosive end Monday morning.

"It sounded like an explosion... Again, I have cats and dogs and everybody came about two feet off the ground," said Janis Mann.

Janis was inside and asleep when the tree crashed onto her home. She was recovering from a pretty serious surgery.

"I was really tired, so I was sleeping and I was nice and comfortable when I probably jumped 10 feet out of bed and I'm not supposed to move fast, and I just leapt out of the bed!" said Mann.

Mann has structural insurance through her mortgage company, but right now it doesn't look like it will cover everything. She is going to need some help with a crane, or whatever it will take to get the tree off of her house.

"I just want to cry - I've lived here since 1984… I want my house back and I don't want to move I want to stay right here - I have great neighbors."

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