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Items seized from home of contractor involved with LP debris cleanup

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Corey Delahoussaye Corey Delahoussaye

Former Livingston Parish resident Corey Delahoussaye, has been under investigation for almost two years for allegedly falsifying billing records to the parish for cleanup help following Hurricane Gustav.

Now experts from the state inspector general's office are going through computer hard drives, cameras and other devices seized from Delahoussaye's home to see if there was any wrong doing.

In 2009, Livingston Parish leaders hired Corey Delahoussaye and his company C-Del Inc., to help with cleanup work following the hurricane. Delahoussaye was to serve as a liaison between the federal government and Livingston Parish, to oversee a contract on debris removal.

Delahoussaye charged the parish $145 per hour for work. When the bills came in, questions came up about his time sheets.

Back in 2011, the I-Team looked at some of times Delahoussaye reported as working. As part of our report the I-Team showed a picture of Delahoussaye at a swim meet on June 22, 2011.

The picture was allegedly taken just after 9:30 in the morning, time Delahoussaye reported he was working. When questioned, Delahoussaye said there were times when he put down he was working, but may have been on personal errands.

Livingston Parish District Attorney Scott Perilloux had questions about Delahoussaye's billing back then and started investigating. Perrilloux says he has more questions now that Delahoussaye wants another check.

"If my figures are correct, he's been already compensated somewhere around 1.8-1.9 million dollars. Now he's asking for another 380, 360 thousand dollars," Perilloux said.

The state inspector general also began investigating. According to court documents the I-Team obtained, they are looking into claims that "...while Mr. Delahoussaye billed the parish for daily contract worked performed, records indicated that he was performing extracurricular activities unrelated to his contract work with the Parish of Livingston."

Last summer while those investigations were still going on, the council in Livingston Parish passed a resolution to pay Delahoussaye $370,000. But Layton Ricks, who had just become parish president, would not sign off on it.

Now, a year later, some council members are again saying Delahoussaye should be paid. In December 2012, the council voted to recommend they settle with C-Del and still nothing was done.

"How do you reward someone that's been paid 1.8 million with additional dollars?" Ricks asked.

Also according to a document filed Monday, on July 25, investigators with the inspector general's office searched Delahoussaye's Baton Rouge home taking with them 42 items: computers, cameras, laptops, cell phones and more.

Delahoussaye's attorney says they are wasting their time.

"Corey's done nothing wrong, so they're not going to find anything on those computers. They can search as long as they want. He's done nothing wrong. It's all very frustrating process for us," said John McClindon. McClindon says he and his client also met with the inspector general ten days before the search warrant was executed. "we gave them the documents they asked for, so this search caught us off guard. We weren't expecting this."

The same day that search was done, the Livingston Parish council had an item on their agenda, to pay Corey Delahoussaye. Ricks says no matter what the council votes, his mind is made up.

"Without a judge telling me at this point to write that check, I will not be writing a check to C-Del."

Some council members have said in previous reports, they don't think it right that Ricks is refusing to pay C-Del but paid his former employer, Alvin Fairburn and Associates, for work done within his first few days on the job. Ricks has said AFA was not under federal investigation and the check he paid them was not payment for debris removal.

According to one parish councilman, they are now waiting to hear from their attorney on what they should do next.

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