East Feliciana property feud lands in court... again

EAST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Just north of the East Baton Rouge parish line in East Feliciana parish a feud has been brewing for some time.

William Mohabier and his wife Sandra have been involved in a legal battle with their neighbors for the past several years. Two years ago Mohabier obtained a court judgment prohibiting members of the Turner family from going on their property.

The Turners have a home that sits alongside Plank road. The home has its own driveway. But, a house behind the Turners with family member s living inside is not accessible unless they use a short road next to the Turner house. That is the problem.

William Mohabier claims that is his property and asked for and received a court order prohibiting the Turners from using the property. Judge Hal Ware signed that order two years ago.

Mohabier claims they continue to use his property even after he put up a fence. "We got a survey map that says what it says. But the people that I'm dealing with…my neighbors are determined to break the law," says Mohabier. "There are so many people involved in this issue, real estate fraud; you got damage to public records. I paid attorneys over and over again, it's been two years."

This latest court action involved East Feliciana Sheriff Talmadge Bunch. He and his attorney Bill Dodd were in court today as a result of the hearing. Mohabier claims the sheriff won't arrest his neighbors for using his land. Sheriff Bunch's attorney disagrees.

"You're asking a sheriff's deputy to go to a piece of property that's not marked and determine whether or not someone trespassed," says Dodd. "That's just not fair."

20th Judicial district court judge Hal Ware has ordered survey crews, sheriff's deputies, and all the lawyers to go out and determine where the property line is. "When that decision is finally made that will be my final decision," said Judge Ware.

No word when the crews will do the survey.

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