Residents react to city-wide curfew lift in Clinton

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - Tommy Mead has a better peace of mind. Its better this day after the city of Clinton decided to lift its curfew.

"I was excited, just relieved that it was over with it was just a long process," said Mead.

Clinton started the overnight curfew in May to cut down on the amount of crime. Making folks come in by 11 p.m. didn't sit too well with Mead.

"Because you choose to go to bed at a certain time you can't enforce that on anyone else," said Mead.

Last week the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit blasting the curfew as unconstitutional.

With a difficult court fight looming Alderman Johnny Beauchamp says it was in the city's best interest to the lift the curfew.

"The ACLU is going to sue us and you not going to win. With a federal judge not going to agree with what we are doing for sure," said Beauchamp.

But, some were for the curfew. Reverend Dayshawn Harris says that he was initially against the curfew but had a change of heart.

"It's more quiet it now at night. Most of our elderly people in this community- that is the reason why I am for it," said Harris.

Among those elderly residents is 73-year-old Julia Johnson, who is handicap and lives by herself.

"People cursing, car doors slamming in front of my residents, since the curfew was in effect it has been so quiet and peaceful," said Johnson.

Clinton Police Chief Fred Dunn was in charge of enforcing the curfew. We tried to get his take on the curfew being lifted. He said no comment.

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