Sheriff's Facebook page hacked, possible money scam

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The Assumption Parish Sheriff, Mike Waguespack, says his Facebook has been hacked and it appears someone else may be in on the scheme. Someone is acting as a federal agent to scam people out of money.

"It's interesting to find somebody wants to pretend to be me today. There's a person in the world that wants to be Mike Waguespack," said Waguespack.

The Sheriff says his cell phone has been blowing up. He established a Facebook page to keep the public informed, but it appears someone is using his name to make a quick, illegal buck.

"There's another Sheriff Mike Waguespack on Facebook. They've copied over my photos. So it appears I've got two accounts that are set up now," said Waguespack.

The two pages look the same, but someone under the fake account has been sending out friend requests. Once the person accepts it, they get a private message similar to this: "I've been trying to reach you lately because I have great news to share with you." The person then gets a message from a "David Williams Officer" who claims he is a federal agent. The so-called agent asks if you are ready to claim your money he has been holding and sends instructions on how to collect.

"I think it's more of a daily occurrence than people realize in today's society," said Mike Ranataza, Executive Director, LA Sheriff's Association.

Ranatza warns impersonating anyone on social media is a serious crime. The offense carries a fine between $250 to $1,000 and a minimum of 10 days behind bars.

"It's difficult to trace but not impossible. We made significant gains in our ability to detect this type of crime," said Ranatza.

Waguespack has posted a message on his actual page warning people he has been hacked and if they come across any strange posts or requests to disregard them. He says he's advised his staff to do the same.

"It's seems strange to me that we've got two folks in Assumption Parish connected to law enforcement that this happened to. Is there a local connection? We're not sure," said Waguespack.

The Sheriff says a detective within his department is investigating.

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