Golfers complain about cleanliness of canal at City Park Golf Course

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - BREC'S City Park Golf Course is one of the second oldest courses in the state. It was built in 1926 and is on the Registry of Historic Places. The course is only nine holes and is particularly popular among players just getting started and seniors; but players finishing the 5th hole are shocked with a terrible view of garbage floating all over the canal.

"We're having problems with this canal filling with silt and trash coming from upstream," says long time assistant golf director Buddy Gautreaux. "We're in the process of dredging it out right now, essentially that's the problem."

Cheryl Michelet is the communications director with BREC. "We have our folks come out here with nets and scoop out the trash," says Michelet. "We've had three volunteer groups come out and clean the lake and what we find every time we do it we get bags and bags of trash, it is a constant flow."

A fresh brood of Muscovy ducklings is forced to navigate around the garbage as they took their Tuesday paddle. "Every time we get a volunteer group out here it's disheartening how much trash that they clean up," says Michelet.

Dredging of the canal is partially to blame for the amount of silt floating around but BREC officials say they will work harder to get the area cleaned.

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