CATS Board President resigns, what's next?

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The shakeup at the Capital Area Transit System, CATS continues. Board President Isaiah Marshall resigned amid controversy over the city's bus system. His replacement, board member Dalton Honore II, doesn't sit well with some on the East Baton Rouge Metro Council.

Councilman Chandler Loupe previously asked Honore and others to resign their position on the board citing poor leadership.

The board's bylaws call for Honore to steps in as board chair.

"You know in the one instance we are getting over one controversy and we're creating another one," Loupe said

"It's going to give you guys something to report on for the next 30 days at least."

Newly hired CATS CEO Bob Mirabito says now that Isaiah Marshall has resigned, he hopes they can move the conversation back to discussing a plan to deliver a more efficient and accountable transit system.

"My team and I are focused on gaining the trust of the public," Mirabito said.

"I realize this will take time. I am committed to transparency. To this end, next week I will be meeting with local community groups to discuss our plan for the Program Manager search."

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