LSU President announces pay increases for LSU system employees

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU president F. King Alexander earned himself a round of applause at Friday's LSU Board of Supervisors meeting after announcing a significant raise for every member of the faculty and staff.

"We will be pursuing pay raises and/or adjustments - in some campuses case, a four percent or four percent pool. It will vary by campus and within institution by personnel types," said Alexander.

The LSU system has seen a number of faculty members leave in recent years to take similar jobs that pay more.

"We must use this as perhaps the new benchmark for establishing stable salary growth for years to come.  To make sure our university and campuses are as competitive as possible," said Alexander.

Kevin Cope is president of the faculty senate. He says the bump in pay has been a long time coming. LSU employees haven't gotten a raise since 2008. He knows firsthand how grateful everyone is.

"For faculty it means two things. One is that they can continue to tread water and not sinking economically. And at least a few of them may think about staying in Louisiana rather than going elsewhere,"said Cope.

Governor Bobby Jindal also applauds the move, saying in a statement Friday:

"I want to congratulate the faculty and staff in the LSU system for their hard work. They have done an incredible job implementing reforms over the past several years that have helped set records for LSU's graduation rate and increased the value of an LSU degree. The faculty and staff should be commended for their efforts."

For Cope, that means keeping this positive momentum going.

"Well, I think what we need to do now is to make sure this is the first step of a continuing march. This is not a one time fix followed by another series of catastrophes," said Cope.

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