LA Swift

As the month of July draws to a close, Louisiana is in danger of losing a critical link between its two largest cities.

LA Swift, the daily bus service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, was only supposed to be a temporary fix for displaced residents after Hurricane Katrina. But, nearly eight years later, it still provides hundreds of daily riders an easy and affordable way to commute between the two cities.

LA Swift is funded by a federal grant, but in order to extend the service past this month, Louisiana must provide a $750,000 match. The state decided against it but businesses and local leaders from both regions have rallied in an attempt to save LA Swift. They've submitted a proposal combining cost reductions and in-kind donations.

We here at WAFB are proud to be a part of this effort, joining other media outlets in offering advertising and marketing. There's no word yet on whether the federal government will accept the plan. But, the response by the Baton Rouge and New Orleans communities is a good thing, showing the growing bond between two cities that both want to make a better Louisiana.

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