Sales tax pledge increase for Juban Crossing fails in Livingston parish

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - The ordinance that would have pledged to give the Juban Crossing developer 75 percent of every penny earned from a sales tax instead of the existing 40 percent ran out of steam Thursday night in Livingston Parish.

"Tell me how this parish will benefit, we the taxpayers will benefit from giving up or pledging more of our taxes?" asked one resident.

"This decision that you're going to make tonight will impact this parish for the next 30 plus years," said another.

Public comments were also coupled with some from council members voicing their own support or opposition.

"Put yourself in business owner's shoes to make a decision as a business owner to give up everything. Is that a good business decision for this parish?" said Councilman Chance Parent.

"I haven't seen anyone at the podium with anything better than what we've got now," said Councilman Delos Blackwell.

After an hour and a half discussion and public input the ordinance went before the council.

"Ricky makes the motion to approve. Do I have a second? Motion dies for lack of a second," said Councilman Marshall Harris.

The pledged amount going to the developer will remain at 40 percent but Parish President Layton Ricks says he is still hopeful the council will revisit the issue and generate more dollars for the parish in the long run.

"The parish will continue to operate, no matter what they pledge it will not affect what's going on with the parish whatever they pledge, the additional money coming in will help everyone in the parish," said Ricks.

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