Concerns raised over traffic crossing South Satsuma Road bridge

Concerns raised over traffic crossing South Satsuma Road bridge

SATSUMA, LA (WAFB) - A multi-vehicle crash in Walker claimed the life of a Dallas woman late Tuesday night. While one Livingston Parish resident was sad to hear the news, she worries the way traffic was re-routed could cause more danger.

Signs are posted at the Satsuma exit off I-12 telling trucks to stay off South Satsuma Road. In case truck drivers miss those signs, there are weight limits posted further down the road as a reminder that their load may be too heavy to take across a bridge on the road.

"My concern is the damage that the 18-wheelers do and then a school bus crosses here and eventually it's going to give," said Sherrie Carter.

Carter says on Tuesday night, she watched as police directed traffic---including a line of 18-wheelers--- off I-12 and down South Satsuma Road because a wreck was blocking the interstate.

"If there's a war or nuclear explosion, they have to use this bridge," said Carter. "But otherwise, even with a wreck, it's illegal to cross it. Weight management and standards have come out and everybody else, but it still keeps getting crossed."

While Carter understands law enforcement was only doing their job, she hopes they can figure out a different way to detour traffic. Carter points out the bridge is made up of old nails and worn down wood.

"It's going to collapse with a bus full kids in there, and they're going to end up in the bottom of that creek. And it's going to be blood on this parish's hands because they're not stopping this. There's a sign up at the interstate that says 'no through trucks'. And that means no through trucks. The 18-wheelers know this," said Carter.

Livingston Parish Department of Public Works says this bridge is on a list of seven parish bridges in need of repairs or replacement. We're told the South Satsuma Road bridge has recently passed a state inspection and is safe for cars and trucks to drive over.

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