LSU President talks goals after 30 days on the job

Dr. F. King Alexander
Dr. F. King Alexander

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is another episode of Breakfast to Business. But it's not detention for this breakfast club, instead discussing business issues of the state. This morning's speaker was LSU's president F. King Alexander. After a month on the job he talked about his goals for not only LSU but all of Louisiana.

"Raise statewide expectations on going to college and to make sure that everybody starts thinking about college," said Alexander.

A 2011 study by ranks Louisiana 49th in the number of people receiving a secondary education.

He says he is ready to challenge that stigma with the help of the community.

"Bringing together as many of our educational leaders so that we can focus on higher goals and higher objectives that can truly benefit every citizen in the state of Louisiana," said Alexander who was previously president of California State Long Beach.

He says he wants to bring one of several methods he used there to Baton Rouge, and that's outreach.

"The engagement in the communities; Making sure we're getting the message out that college is indeed an option for every child."

He wants every child to have a great education, by keeping and hiring good teachers.

"Once again go from playing defense to offense and arrange so that we can help our faculty succeed and go out and find new faculty that we can bring to LSU and keep them here," said Alexander.

That has been a challenge with LSU in recent years. There have been significant departures of faculty and staff heading to similar jobs at other universities, where pay is better. He is optimistic but also realistic knowing his plate is full.

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