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'Justice for Trayvon' rallies held in Baton Rouge

'Justice for Trayvon' rally 'Justice for Trayvon' rally
'Justice for Trayvon' rally 'Justice for Trayvon' rally
Man wears a hoodie Man wears a hoodie

Justice for Trayvon rallies took place in hundreds of cities across the country on Saturday, including Baton Rouge.

Organizers of the Capital City rally say they're happy to join with people across America from all walks of life who are demanding change.

The heat did not keep protesters from coming out with signs and some even in hooded sweatshirts, rallying to show their disappointment in the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.

"I was shocked....definitely shocked," said rally attendee Jordan Simmons.

Protesters at the rally hope their outcry sparks legal change especially for Florida and other state's controversial ‘Stand Your Ground' laws.

"What I'm hoping out of this is that we have a conversation, a real conversation, and that something changes as far as young men---black young men, white young men---that they can walk anywhere in the United States without fear of somebody approaching them and thinking that they are criminals," said Janet Moulder, another rally attendee.

Across the street, another demonstration took place at the same time. It was led by people who say the country's legal system is working just fine.

"If you believe that someone is going to inflict bodily harm on you, you have the right to defend yourself---even to the point where it becomes deadly," said Leonard Lyons.

Jermaine Hutchinson organized today's Justice for Trayvon event downtown.  Hutchinson feels those self defense laws don't apply to everyone, but she hopes one day people of all races can get equal treatment.

"Racism is alive and well, but it's not the young generation of today it's the old generation---and they need to try to change their hearts because the faces of America has changed," said Hutchinson.


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