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Boil order lifted in Livingston


The water in the Town of Livingston has been given the all clear. Tuesday, a boil advisory was put in place after a water line was ruptured. Thursday, the Department of Health and Hospitals sent word, after running some tests, that the water was not contaminated and safe to use.

That's good news for people like Sandy Braddy, her business needs access to water. Braddy owns Java Dough. Up until Tuesday afternoon she was able to serve up pastries and beignets. It was serving something to wash the treats down with that caused some trouble.

"We sell a lot of coffee drinks, fountain drinks," Braddy said. "We had to turn customers away. We had no way of cleaning blenders, rinsing dishes...had to apologize and send them away. Tell them come back another day."

Mayor Derral Jones says town workers shut down the water system when they learned a utility company changing out poles had drilled through the primary water line. A boil order was put in place just a day later. Since then, workers inside town hall have answered several calls from residents concerned about what was going on, and when the water would be safe.

Thursday afternoon, DHH called the mayor to let him know all the water samples were negative.

But what the mayor has learned about the company who did the work has caused him some concern.

"When they submitted to Louisiana One Call for a ticket, they got the wrong address. So they actually drilled in a place that had never been marked," Jones said.

Jones says he also learned the company applied for that ticket in May. Typically, he says, the work is supposed to be done within 20 days.

Mayor Jones is now waiting on answers from that company.

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