Law Enforcement on the lookout for speeders on new Central Thruway

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - The Central Thruway new, convenient, smooth asphalt as far as the eye can see.

"New roads, wide open no pot holes, no damage to the roads. So people think it's a raceway, but its not a raceway it's a road," said Sergeant Jerad Daniel of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department

Daniel was out on the thruway today. In one hour gave five speeding tickets. At one point he had two vehicles pulled over at once. The speed limit on Central Thruway is 50mph, He says he clocked and average speed of 60.

"Nobody really likes traffic enforcement or receiving a ticket. It's not our goal to give out tickets. We want you to slow down. The last thing we want is to notify a love one that there is a death in the family, especially due to a traffic fatality," he continued.

Daniel is actually supposed to be off today. His overtime pay is funded by a grant from the Louisiana Safety Commission for speed enforcement. Daniel says a new road requires a bigger focus on safety.

"It's been open less than a week already we had one fatality we don't want any fatalities. I hope that is the last one on this road," said Daniel.

Baton Rouge Police say a woman was killed in a wreck with an 18-wheeler, at the intersection of Choctaw drive. While speed wasn't a factor in that crash, it is a reason for many accidents.

"Slowdown obey the speed limit, we are here to save life. We are here to prevent crashes and fatalities."

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