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Power Up Your School!

Congratulations to the McKinley High School Baseball Team!

Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Bottling Company, a division of Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc., awarded McKinley High School's Baseball Team with a $4,000 check to use for equipment, uniform, and other purchases needed to help out their athletic program. WAFB-TV, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment, Wal-Mart, and Baton Rouge Coca-Cola teamed up to host Powerade's first annual Power Up Your Athletic Program promotion, where high school athletes, coaches, students, parents, and teachers were encouraged to submit a brief essay or video explaining why their school's athletic program was in need of a $4,000 upgrade!

The winning athletic program ultimately decides what to use the money for, whether it's to purchase new shoes for team, new equipment to use in practices, or pay for the team's travel expenses to compete in a regional competition or event.

The promotion kicked off in August with the return of the fall semester, and several dozen video and essay nominations were sent in over the course of the two month promotion. "With the funding cuts our schools and sports programs are experiencing across this state and here locally, we decided this was a great opportunity for Powerade along with our sponsors to give back to a high school athletic program in need," said John Miller, Vice President of Sales for Baton Rouge Coca-Cola. "Baton Rouge Coca-Cola and Powerade have always supported our local schools with scoreboards, equipment, and product donations, and it's so important to keep our children active and engaged in sports to help keep them healthy and build their confidence and character. Powerade's Power Up Your Athletic Program was another avenue for Coca-Cola and our participating sponsors to support high school sports."

In early October, representatives from each of the promotion's sponsors met and went through all of the submissions received from high school sports programs across the greater Baton Rouge area. "It was really difficult to select one high school sports program when so many are in need, and so many coaches, parents, and students submitted creative videos and essays explaining why their program was the most deserving," said Barry Breau, On-Premise Sales Manager for Baton Rouge Coca-Cola. "And because we had so many great entries, I am happy to announce there will be an additional high school sports program awarded with a second prize of $2,000." This will bring the total amount of money Powerade is rewarding to two high school sports programs to $6,000! Baton Rouge Coca-Cola is in the process of confirming the additional winning high school sports program now, and that winner will be announced soon.

Baton Rouge Coca-Cola is hoping to bring back Power Up Your Athletic Program in 2014! All sponsors wish to send a special thank you to all high schools sports programs who entered the contest, please be on the lookout for another chance to submit your team for Powerade's Power Up Your Athletic Program in 2014.

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