Coyotes caught on camera in White Castle

WHITE CASTLE, LA (WAFB) - Vicky Engolio's neighbor captured the pictures on her webcam of a coyote climbing a fig tree. She knows coyotes are common but says she's seen more in recent weeks.

"It, certainly not the biggest thing in the world, but it's infringing on the life we have in the country," said Engolio.

It's infringing on her dog Dolly's life too. Engolio doesn't allow the family pet outside without keeping a close eye on her. She used to use the thought of coyotes to get her kids back inside after playing outside, but not anymore.

"I always use that as a fear tactic with my kids. Don't go to close to coyotes or they will get you, but now it's true coyotes can get you," said Engolio.

Darlene Ourso knows this all too well. Her family's Yorkie Maggie was killed by one. She says her sister-in-law heard Maggie barking when she went outside to check on her, she says she saw a coyote had the dog in its mouth.

"The coyote stopped turned and looked back at her and it dropped the dog so she went to get the dog. While on the phone with the vet the dog died in her arms," said Ourso.

Wildlife and Fisheries biologist John Leslie says coyotes have roamed Louisiana for decades.

He says if the problem is too big, there are nuisance trappers who can be called in for a fee. But even then, Leslie says there's only so much they can do.

"A coyote is the most difficult animal in the wild to trap. They're very smart, they have a huge home range, and 20 square miles is nothing for a coyote ramble during the night. So the coyote that is in your garbage can this morning, he could be ten miles away tonight," said Leslie.

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