Car crashes through local church while some churchgoers still inside

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A normal day of prayer was turned upside down Sunday at Redeeming Love Ministries in Baton Rouge after a car crashed into its wall while some churchgoers were still inside.

"It started spinning in the rocks and [that] let me know this guy was trying to stop his car and he threw it in park and it did the click like it's in park when it's rolling and it just caught traction and shot dead into the church," said Garrick Harris who witnessed the accident.

The accident resulted in pieces of shattered pews and bricks covering the floor, resembling a war zone more than a place of worship.

"It sounded a like a bomb and thunder and lightning at the same time," said Antrona Lands, who was in the church at the time of the accident.Lands looks down at the couch where she says she was holding her baby girl just a few feet from where the car entered the church.

"Somebody should be dead, my child should be dead because she's usually playing where the car plowed through and I'am so grateful that everybody is ok my cousin's fine, my pastor is fine because they were all up front and they all could have been hit by the car," added Lands.

The damage left behind inside the church is a very real reminder of the path of destruction the car took once it crashed through the wall. The accident however resulted in no serious injuries and parishioners say there is only one reason why.

"How it could happen and no one get hurt?" asked Harris. "God Almighty."

"I literally sat in the car just giving thanks to god, giving praise to god that my pastor is safe and my cousin is safe, my baby is alive," said Lands. "No one was standing in the way of the car everything happened strategically for a reason."

Pastor Mary Monroe was near the front of the church at the time of the accident and watched the car come to rest a short distance from the pulpit. She says she has no doubt the church will rebuild but adds life is much more fragile.

"We don't ever know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future and so whatever happens we have to trust God no matter what," said Monroe.

Anyone interested in making donation towards this church's repairs, you can deposit your contributions to the Whitney Bank on the corner of Florida Boulevard and Marilyn Drive in Baton Rouge.

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