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AL state board looking to crack down on pushy door-to-door salesmen


The Alabama state board that regulates security companies is sending out a warning to residents regarding door-to-door salesmen. Several citizens have voiced their concerns about pushy sales tactics and now state officials are stepping in.

The Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure oversees security companies and locksmiths in the state. It says it has a code of ethics and will take disciplinary action against any company that violates that code.

The Board wants to hear from concerned residents who've encountered aggressive behavior at the front door.  To start that process, call 866-302-3725.

WSFA 12 News spoke with one Auburn resident who was so concerned about the encounter she had with a pushy salesman that she dialed police. Leigh Peak said she felt violated by the man and was shaken by how the encounter unfolded.

Peak recalled that the man, "knocked very loudly and hardly on the door..." When she answered, it was a salesman hoping she would buy his security system.

"He said, "Do you have a glass back door like your other neighbors?"" And then, he went too far, according to the homeowner. "He said, "I want to see your back door, and he stepped forward and pushed on me..."", Peak said. "I slammed the door in his face, double locked the door and called the police."

Peak said the man was wearing an orange shirt with a laminated badge on a lanyard around his neck. "He had no business touching me or wanting to come into my home uninvited," she said.

Peak didn't buy what the salesman was selling and says her neighbors turned him away, too. "If this is the way they're trained to sell their services, this is not the way to go about it..."

The security board says it's receiving complaints about a number of security companies, and has even fined some of them already. The Board says it's putting them on notice that they could lose their license to operate in Alabama.

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