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Residents put speed bump in EastChase area apartment plans


Traffic concerns dominated a Montgomery City Council work session held to discuss a proposed apartment development in the EastChase area.

Foshee Management wants to build the 216-unit complex at the intersection of Berryhill Road and EastChase Lane.

The council has to decide whether to re-zone the land from office and commercial to multi-family residential.

Many homeowners who live nearby oppose the development, saying it would bring too much traffic into their neighborhood and hurt their property values

However, city traffic engineers agreed with developers in finding that adding stores or offices to the complex would generate far more traffic than apartments.

"If you look at multifamily it would be the weekday trips of 1,433," said Bubba Bowden, Director of Traffic Engineering for the City of Montgomery.  "If you look at general office, what it would be as zoned, is 2,117.  "If you did retail only, it's 4,957. "It's almost 3 times more traffic, it it's done retail only."

But residents opponents disagreed with the conclusion.

"Retail is ten o'clock in the morning, to ten o'clock at night, the traffic shuts down," said Nell Copeland, who lives in the area. "But you don't shut down traffic from apartment buildings."

Copeland said the neighbors' concerns go beyond traffic.

"Apartments do not, have never increased the value of any home or residential area," she said. "I have nothing bad to say about the developers, they want to make money, but we want to protect our property."

Representatives for Foshee cited other long-standing examples such as Halcyon Park and Peppertree that helped spark development.

The council is set to vote on the re-zoning proposal on Tuesday.

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