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Pine Level woman feeding the needy, making a difference

Kathy Teal Kathy Teal

This is a story about 'paying it forward,' feeding the hungry with a heaping dose of compassion.

Kathy Teal and volunteers prepared a few plates of food for some of the locals in Pine Level. Teal started the 'Soul Food Soup Kitchen' in April. This is Teal's way of forwarding a kindness shown to her family some 50 years ago. Teal was only 2 years old at the time.

"My dad was temporarily out of work because of health issues and this lady from our church made sure we had Christmas that year with toys. I didn't know about it until recently until that friend died," said Teal.

Teal puts the soup kitchen in action once a week and averages around 40 meals per week and that includes deliveries to people like Estes Fray who is recovering from a leg injury.

"I think it's very nice what they're doing. I am very grateful," said Fray.

Kathy Teal says what they're doing is nothing magical or mysterious. They're just carrying out what they consider a key Biblical principle.

"There's nothing more powerful in the world than giving of yourself to help someone else in need," said Teal.

The majority of the food is donated and volunteers will drive 5 miles to deliver a hot meal. The meals range from hamburgers such as last week's July 4th holiday to poppyseed chicken.

Melody Woodham is giving up personal time to be a volunteer often spending all day Monday to help prepare meals on Tuesday.

For Woodham it's time well spent.

"I would do it 4 or 5 days a week if we had more people to feed," said Woodham.

Teal and company are happy, the kindness delivered and the homebound remembered.

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