Rep. Barrow hosts rally against gun violence on Capitol step

Dozens rally against gun violence on the capital steps
Dozens rally against gun violence on the capital steps

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "People do kill people, but they use guns to kill people," said state representative Regina Barrow.

Barrow was talking about the violent crimes here in the capitol city. A rally called "Protect Kids, Not Guns" was held on the Capitol steps to promote awareness of gun violence.

Between 2006 and 2010 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports, 30 Louisiana children were killed due to the accidental discharge of a weapon. Barrow says Louisiana has one of the biggest gun issues in America.

"Here in Louisiana, we have the most lax rules and laws in the entire country. Yet, we have the highest rates of incidents with children," said Barrow.

Gun supporters like Troy Viccellio have a different way of thinking. He's the owner of Ring Protection Training in Baker.

He says that the best way to deal with gun safety is educating your kids.

"Curiosity is evil. If you educate the children on the safe handling of the gun, then they will have the proper means necessary to operate the gun," said Viccellio.

Viccellio does admit that there should be a national push for the value of life. But he does not think that stricter gun laws are the answer.

"The value of human life has decreased greatly over the past 20 years. Cars will kill more people today than guns will. There will be more auto accidents today killing people than what guns will kill in the country."

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