New twist in West Feliciana drama

New twist in West Feliciana drama

WEST FELICIANA, LA (WAFB) - Concerned residents are getting busy in West Feliciana with efforts to recall two police jurors. Meanwhile, a court hearing on the parish's form of government is Wednesday morning.

"I think it's a shame," said political analyst Clay Young.

Young calls West Feliciana a parish with great potential for growth but instead of moving forward, a recent political dispute has put progress on hold.

"West Feliciana is going to start to gain the attention of people who may be up to this point didn't know about the political tanker that goes on there," said Young.

Especially with what some West Feliciana parish police jurors are sending to the Oct. 19th ballot. Because voters last November voted in favor of moving the parish to a council member form of government, or home rule charter (HRC), they must by law have an election for parish president.

But also on the ballot, West Feliciana voters may have a do-over to decide whether they should keep their police jury form of government or in fact adopt HRC.

But legally, can re-voting and parish president be on the same ballot?

"That's the question, asking the people to vote for a representative when the area the person represents has not been created seems to me something that cannot pass legal muster," said Young.

Even though the parish doesn't know which form of government they will adopt, they have already started breaking down the districts from the current seven to four. Young said a council form allows more checks and balances since the people would be electing all positions taking the control factor from the jurors and giving it to the people themselves.

"I would make a prediction you are probably going to see a lot of litigation over how this has been laid out," said Young.

If HRC becomes the form of government, it will take effect as soon as a Parish President is elected. The re-districts would take effect after people would be able to vote on the four council members, one council member-at-large and a parish president and when the current police jurors term ends in 2015.

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