Walker home becomes cat dumping ground; owner needs help

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - A home in Walker has become a dumping ground for cats.  With 60 of them now living outside, the homeowner says "I need help."

"When you look out the window all you see is eyes, everywhere," said Lisa Williams who is upset with the massive number of cats living outside her home in Walker.

The cat collection started about a year ago, when Williams says she would see people drive by, and dump animals out of their car onto the street corner. It started as a few at a time and now there are dozens. Williams says it's become a big problem.

"I have grand kids they can't come outside and play. Between the smell and the fleas it's just getting out of hand," she said.

The cats are all over her property from the drive way to under her two trailers. She doesn't want the cats to starve, but says she can no longer afford to take care of them all!

"We try to feed them as best we can, but that becomes expensive. They go through a bag to two bags a week," Williams said.

Williams has tried calling several animal rescue groups for help, but none have room for 60 cats.

She lives outside Walker city limits, and Livingston doesn't have a parish shelter.

"It's just out of control. We've been trying to get someone to help for several months, but we haven't had any luck. We get the same thing every time," she said. "They've just taken over it's their house."

Williams now has a camera to catch those who drop their unwanted pets in her yard.

"If you want a cat please come pick it up."

If you want a cat you can contact Williams at lisahome@charter.net

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