Police: Man previously convicted of sex crime walks down the street naked

Charles Kasmir
Charles Kasmir

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - A self-confessed Peeping Tom has been arrested again after police said he walked down the street wearing nothing on but his court-ordered ankle bracelet.

Charles Kazmir of Brusly was convicted on a sex crime when he pleaded guilty to one count of obscenity in January 2012. He confessed to looking into a young girl's bedroom window and was sentenced to serve two years under house arrest.

The Brusly Police Department said Kazmir was busted again when a neighbor reported seeing him outside without any clothes on Friday night.

"The other night, he was naked in the street," said Police Chief Jamie Whaley. "Neighbor's dogs were barking, so another neighbor got up and went into the kitchen and looked out the window and saw him standing in the street butt naked. The neighbor opens the ice box to get something to drink and it illuminates him and Mr. Kazmir starts with the Atlas Pose. The only thing he had on was his probation and parole ankle bracelet."

Police were called and questioned Kazmir. Whaley said he did not deny the accusations.

"He admitted to it. He said he had been drinking on his porch, got naked and walked into the street," Whaley added.

Kazmir's mother said her son's previous conviction ripped the family apart. She also said the issues he faces in court were a by-product of an illness she had not previously known about.

However, neighbor Theresa Navarro said she has had it with Kazmir's antics and is packing up and leaving the sleepy neighborhood.

"Yeah, that's it," she said. "I'm gone and happened last week with him standing in the middle of the street naked, posing at our houses. Yeah, I'm leaving."

According to Whaley, there may be more charges pending. He's just not sure what they might be at this point. If convicted, Kazmir could have problems with his previous charge, because he is not supposed to get into any more trouble.

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