Port Allen resumes business as usual

Mayor Deedy Slaughter
Mayor Deedy Slaughter

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The Port Allen City Council met for the first time since a district judge ruled the city and its council must pay Mayor Deedy Slaughter an increased salary, but also granted an injunction against the mayor, forcing her to get on board with city laws.

New business was on the agenda at the Port Allen City Council meeting Wednesday night. It was presented and discussed in between a few laughs.

City leaders met for the first time since a court ruling was issued requiring the mayor to comply with Port Allen by-laws and the council to honor and pay her a salary $19,000 higher than it had intended.

"It's not as stressful when the meeting goes as smooth as it did tonight and I enjoyed it," said Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence. "I enjoyed everybody being here and just being cooperative."

What was noticeably absent from the meeting was any talk surrounding a new budget, which was originally planned to be in place earlier this week. However, both Slaughter and the council members who filed a lawsuit against her are optimistic budget talks will soon begin.

"Yes, very hopeful, again like I say, it's on the council," said Mayor Deedy Slaughter. "Once they come to the table to say we are ready to go forward with this budget, we're ready to go forward with it."

"I'm hoping, and I've stated before, that we can get it introduced soon and new budget worked on, discussed and adopted in the next couple months," added Councilman Hugh Riviere.

As part of Judge Alvin Batiste's ruling, the council can either amend the budget to reflect Slaughter's increased salary or the mayor can get a court order requiring the council to do so.

The budget, as of now, however, is not slated to be on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting on July 10.

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