Jindal presents vets honor medal

JENNINGS, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal handed out the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal to some worthy recipients Wednesday.

The governor presented the honors to veterans at the Southwest Louisiana War Veterans Home in Jennings.

"We don't have to wait for occasions like the Fourth of July to honor our veterans," Jindal told the crowd attending the event.

Veterans who sustained a wound in battle also received an honor medal designated by a silver star and a purple ribbon. Families of veterans who were killed in action received an honor medal designated by a gold star and a gold ribbon.

The governor also spoke out Wednesday on the possibility of an upcoming veto session. When asked about some legislators calling for a veto session to overturn the line-item budget strikes he made, Jindal said there's no need to call lawmakers back.

"We got a good budget, a good session just completed. We're investing in education, giving teachers pay raises. We're not cutting waivers for folks in terms of people on waivers and we are not raising taxes. I think that's a good session for the people of Louisiana," the governor explained.

A veto session was automatically set for July 16 because of Jindal's line-item budget strikes. A majority written vote of either the House or Senate can scrap it.

The governor is currently on a 64-parish tour of the state.

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