High heels can be a real headache

Sometimes, the price you pay for fashion goes well beyond dollar signs. High heels or poorly fitted flats can wreak havoc on your feet.

"If your toes are being crammed into improperly fitting shoes they are either rubbing on the top of your shoe, or the bones are getting squished so closely together that it's pinching the skin between the toes causing the corns between the toes," explained podiatrist Dr. Joy Rowland.

Corns and calluses are a common unwanted accessory that can be a result of uncomfortable shoes.  Both are areas of hard skin that result from pressure.  While calluses usually develop on the bottom of the foot, the more painful corns are found between the toes.

Then there's a condition known as 'hammer toe.'

A hammer toe is a toe that's bent abnormally at the middle joint.  You may feel pain at the top of the toe, redness and swelling, or it may even be hard or painful to move the toe.  A hammer toe is easier to treat sooner than later, so doctors say to look for early signs.

"When you're wearing those shoes and you notice some irritation on your toes, they may be an early development of a hammer toe. That's the best time to get something looked into because they will just continue to develop," said Rowland.

However, there are some tricks to make your shoes more foot friendly.

Shoe pros suggest using sole inserts to make shoes more comfortable, or other padding to prevent rubbing and blisters.  Finally, if the shoe fits, wear it.  In other words, a properly fitted shoe will save you a lot pain in the long run.

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