First Tiger Bridge Program group attends orientation

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This August, 183 students in the Tiger Bridge Program will start classes at BRCC. They are the first group of students who are a part of a new partnership between BRCC and LSU.

Maxwell the Bear welcomed the first Tiger Bridge Program to Baton Rouge Community College for orientation this week.

The program is a partnership between LSU and BRCC. LSU Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment David Kurpius said it was created, in part, because the board of regents cut the number of students the university can accept.

"Which meant that there were about 250 students who would've gotten into LSU last year, who are not eligible to get in this year," said Kurpius.

Kurpius said this program, that students have to be invited to, gives them the chance to still become a tiger.

"They will be required to take 30 credit hours at BRCC in the first year. That does not include anything that is transferred in or duel enrollment or anything. It's 30 credit hours on the BRCC campus," said Kurpius.

While classes will take place across town, Tiger Bridge students will live on LSU's campus and have all the access to facilities and services that traditional LSU students have.

Elaine Vallette with BRCC said after students complete their first 30 hours and maintain a 2.5 GPA, they become a permanent LSU student.

"Both schools wanted to do something that was beneficial for students who weren't able to maybe to go to LSU but that had maybe a little bit more requirements, and that they needed to come here and really wanted to come to LSU," said Vallette.

To make sure Tiger Bridge students stay on track to become full LSU students, both schools will have counselors working closely with them to help them improve their study skills and make sure they are attending classes at BRCC.

"My youngest daughter always wanted to go to LSU and didn't quite qualify," said Lise Cameron, parent of a Tiger Bridge student. "So to me, it's the perfect option for her to adjust to college and then go on into LSU."

Students must be invited into the tiger bridge program by LSU after being denied full admission. Click here for more information on Tiger Bridge.

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