Local law enforcement officer contestant on The Price Is Right

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Inside Martha's Bistro in Zachary, workers are busy getting lunch from the kitchen to the customers. Onions sizzle on the grill, and someone calls out the order for another plate. It's a typical day for the workers doing the cooking. For the waitresses in the front of the restaurant, their eyes turn to the television when the clock hits noon.

They're watching one of their customers who is on the show.

"I forgot what happened, I was so nervous," said Melba Allen, smiling as she watches herself on television. Allen is a local law enforcement officer.

Two months ago, she got to hear that familiar phrase from the announcer on The Price Is Right. "That's me," she said laughing and smiling.

Allen says she grew up watching the show with her father's family. Today, the game show is still very popular with her family and friends. While she was trying to watch her episode, she was also checking her phone where people had left dozens of messages.

"It (the show) comes on at 10 everywhere else," she said. "On the way here I missed my turn because people kept calling."

Allen actually did a good job on the show. She won $10,000 from the game she played.

"I kept saying is this real? Did I really just win $10,000?"

While she's watching and reliving her win, it is also bringing back a sad memory.

"A few days after the show taped, my dad passed. He passed suddenly."

She says before she flew to California for the show taping, her 74-year-old father fell and hit his head while at the gym. After complaining of headaches, Allen says she told her dad to have a doctor check the area where he fell. She says the doctors found two brain swells. Her father was admitted to the hospital. She says it was a hard decision to fly to California, but her dad was doing better.

"He was so excited about me being on the show. He was telling everyone I was going to be a contestant," Allen said. "I heard the excitement in his voice...you could hear the melody in his voice."

The doctors later found a third brain swell, but it was too late.

That makes watching herself on the game show bittersweet, she says.

"But when I told him I was going to be on, we got to do a lot of reminiscing...about how we used to watch. That means more than being on the show or any prizes I could have won," Allen said.

Allen didn't win the showcase showdown prize. But she says she does get to keep all the other prizes: a bathroom vanity, several kitchenware items and the $10,000.

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