Trash talk creates a stench with some city officials

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Trash talk is creating quite the stench for some city officials with talks of a second landfill in north Baton Rouge.

It's something Baton Rouge isn't used to: hills, but on the other side of a 250 foot tall so-called "hill," is a big pile of trash.

More than 400 acres are set aside for the East Baton Rouge Parish North Landfill.

Department of Public Works Interim Director David Guillory said now, a company out of Colorado, Louisiana Land Acquisitions, is looking to bring another landfill to the city and parish. Currently, the North Landfill is the only landfill that serves Baton Rouge and EBR Parish.

"Any other landfill or facility like this would be in competition with the parish, would be in competition with the revenue stream that we generate at that landfill that basically puts money back into city-parish government," said Guillory.

Although it is free for household residents to dump at the North Landfill, corporate companies have to pay a fee. Those inside the parish pay $28 per ton. Companies outside the parish pay $32 per ton. Those dollars are what city and parish leaders do not want to have to share.

Louisiana Land Acquisition is trying to build off of Scenic Highway at the former site of an old manufacturing site.

Problem is, before it can be built, the developers need a permit. When they applied for one, the Department of Environmental Quality denied it saying the city did not need it because there was one already just feet away. In turn, the company took their permit application to court. Now, they applied again, and a hearing date is set for July.

In the meantime, Guillory said the North Landfill is more than capable of taking care of the city and parish on its own with plenty of acres left for trash.

"Our facility has at least fifty years of useful life left," said Guillory.

A hearing was set for July 2nd, but because of plenty of opposition to the date set two days before a holiday, the hearing has now been pushed back to further in July.

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