911 calls released in Baker plane crash

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Dispatch: "9-1-1 Where's your emergency?"
Caller:  "An airplane just hit a house. I live on 5408 Rue Nicole."

A frantic 9-1-1 call after a plane crashes into a home in Baker, La. This caller was just a street over when the plane hit.

Dispatch: "Ma'am."
Caller: "Yes Ma'am I can't KEEP calm right now, my life feels like it is in danger."
Dispatch: "We are going to send help on the way. About how long ago did it crash?"
Caller: "It just did right when I called you."

The Beechcraft King Air plane was in route to McComb, MS, But it ran into some trouble just after takeoff. It soon fell out the sky, hitting three homes before bursting into flames, killing the pilot, 71-year old John Fowler of Brookhaven, MS.

Caller "Yes Ma'am, my neighbor told me an airplane went down. Something's going down. My neighbor said an airplane is crashing into a field."

Here is another caller who ran outside after she heard a loud boom. She tells the dispatcher the location and it turns for the worst.

Dispatch: "So it's Shipley off of Groom."
Caller: "Oh my god something just exploded something just exploded."

Within minutes of these calls, the neighborhood was crawling with first responders. And while Fowler died in the fiery crash, no one on the ground was hurt.

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