Residents reflect on plant explosions

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Two plant explosions in two days definitely has folks raising an eyebrow. With over 80 people injured and three losing their lives, you would probably ask why Mary Turner lives so close to CF Industries. She says accidents are unfortunate but it comes with the territory.

"Things happen, you could pull out of your driveway and get killed in a heartbeat. There are hazards all over. Living here people going in working they know the hazards they know it's a job like anything else," Turner said.

Turner knows the dangers all too well. Her uncle was one of three people who died after the CF Industries explosion back in 2000.

"He was burned severely and he had health issues and it prevented healing and all of that," said Turner who has two children and a husband that works at neighboring plants.

She also knew the man who lost his life in Friday's explosion, 58-year-old Ronald "Rocky" Morris.

"He was a very great guy, very friendly, outgoing, would do anything for you. He was a sweetheart. I knew him practically all my life; I went to school with his sister. A very close family we are a small community, everybody knows everybody else so it hits home." she said.

Turner and her family live close to the plant, but she says it won't change how she goes about her daily life.

"I'm not going to be locked up in my house scared because of some reason like that. You just got to move on."

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