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East Texas parent questions local pool rules


It was Family Swim Day at a Longview swimming pool, but a Longview parent is angry because she says her children were asked to leave the family swim because the rules of the swim were not defined. On Tuesday, Eva Lincoln got a phone call from her daughter at Longview's Ingram Pool..

"She said, 'We've been asked to leave,' I said, 'Why? The pool doesn't close till 6:15.' She said, 'It's family night.' I said, 'Well you're there with your brother you should be fine'" Lincoln says.

Lincoln arrived and questioned pool workers, getting a simple answer.

"Family night is considered mother, father and the children," she says.

But she says there is nothing posted specifically saying what family members have to be there.

"When it says family night, it's not specific what they call 'family.' But it does not say it can not be a brother. Nothing there states they can't be there. What is 'immediate family?' Define immediate family," Eva says.

The city says its a long-standing policy: families must be at family swim day.

"It is posted that its family swim time only. Its really designated for children to swim there with their parents or guardian. The city's been doing this for many years," says city of Longview spokesperson Shawn Hara.

Lincoln says other unaccompanied children were asked to leave when the family swim began, and she says she thinks there's more to it.

"A majority of the kids in the pool were black. There's some stereotypical things taking place there. Prejudices. It just looked that way," Lincoln says.

Not so, says the city.

"The swim center and Ingram Pool, it's there for the general public. It's open for the public and that's the case during family time and the general swim time. It's just during family time the rules are different," Hara says.

The city says on family swim day, families sign in at the pool, and an attendant verifies that it is either a parent or a guardian with the children.

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